survivor Stories

PROJECT FUTURES have had the privilege of supporting the recovery of thousands of victims of sex trafficking, exploitation and slavery across Cambodia. Today, these victims are now survivors and they bravely and inspiringly share their stories to create opportunities for education and change.

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Sim Sarak, 23 years old

Today a survivor and a qualified nurse, Sim Sarak works full time at the AFESIP Recovery Centre, providing medical care for those rescued and now residing at the centre. She has overcome incredible challenge, and today, stands strong and leads the way for others falling victim to similar crimes of abuse. She shares her story in the name of change for future generations.

“When I tell my story, I become less fearful of the shame and I start to change the way people see victims. If I do not speak, if my sisters do not speak, then who will?”

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Sina Vann, 36 years old

Today, Sina is a shining light, filled with positivity and sharing love with all those that cross her path… her tortured past hidden behind her gentle touch and kind words. Sina is the manager for the Social Outreach program with AFESIP. Every day, using her experience, learnings and strength to support, guide and rescue women and children trapped in the cycle of sex trafficking, slavery and unimaginable abuse.

“It is a great privilege to work on this program and be a manager. I have dedicated my life, just as Somaly and my colleagues have, to helping victims transition. I feel that because I am strong, I need to fight for their rights and help them change their lives.”

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Ratana Chan, 23 years old

A beacon of hope, Ratana has suffered years of intensive abuse at the hands of her biological father. She bravely escaped and today stands tall, rewriting her story and making the most of every opportunity offered.

Currently employed full-time as the AFESIP psychologist, she offers therapeutic intervention for victims but also reminds us all that with the right support, with the gift of time and care, we can all reclaim our life and rewrite our story.