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In July 2018, professional photographer, Tenille Salmon, travelled with PROJECT FUTURES to Cambodia. Using her time and talent, she was determined to help us shine a light on the growing issue of sex trafficking, slavery and exploitation. Ultimately helping us to create a beautiful, yet harrowing, coffee table book called THREADS OF HOPE.

These incredible images capture the essence of the issue, the journey from victim to survivor, and the work completed by PROJECT FUTURES in partnership with the local impact partner, AFESIP Cambodia. This raw footage and honest account will take you on a journey to showcase the impact of programs funded, the motivation behind our mission, and introduce you to the unsung heroes fighting, advocating and reclaiming the rights, lives and voices of victims.

THREADS OF HOPE details the rich tapestry required to support the recovery of victims… because it truly takes a village to nurture, repair and rewrite the lives of these women and children.

For $65, you too can support the work of PROJECT FUTURES. With 50% of all sales directly supporting victims in their recovery and reintegration in Cambodia. These human beings were once hidden in plain sight; however, THREADS OF HOPE lifts them from the darkness, activates their voice and amplifies their story.

Maybe you are looking for a corporate Christmas gift, one that gives back?

Well order between 50-99 and each book is $60 each including one bulk delivery

Over 100+ and each book is $55 including one bulk delivery.

To place order 50 plus, please contact us directly at contact@projectfutures.com.

All corporate purchases are personalised with your branding and individually boxed.

Pre-order yours today with your order to be dispatched from the 22nd of November, 2018.

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You are helping us transform a life.