Our Mission: An empowered world where every person can take action on the issue of human trafficking and slavery.

PROJECT FUTURES connects people to the issue of human trafficking, slavery and exploitation by creating meaningful experiences that raise funds, educate and empower our generation to take action.  

Funds generated support established projects in the Asia-Pacific region that help prevent, support and empower those affected, which currently includes Australia and Cambodia.

What is Human Trafficking and EXPLOITATION?

Human trafficking is the recruitment of persons through force, coercion, deception or abduction for the purpose of exploitation. Victims are then enslaved and found working in industries including construction, hospitality, the sex industry, agriculture and domestic work in households. 


In our world today


Sold in the next year

CRIME industry


Source: *Global Slavery Index 2016, Walk Free, ** Source: UNICEF

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PROJECT FUTURES is a registered public benevolent institution with DGR1 status, which means that any donation over $2 is tax-deductible.