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About the Project

In collaboration with YEOJIN BAE, PROJECT FUTURES is launching an exclusive designer tee for 2019, raising the voice of women and girls globally. Our exclusive PROJECT FUTURE FEMINIST tee highlights the need for females to be empowered and raise their voice against hidden injustices. 

At a time when campaigns such as #METOO highlight the continued gender imbalance and the inequality women face around the world, the PROJECT FUTURES x YEOJIN BAE tee is demanding, inspiring and empowering females of all ages to activate their voice, to no longer fear speaking out and speaking the truth. To stand strong in their ability, their unique offering to the world, and normalise the need for education and equality for future generations.

PROJECT FUTURES have seen firsthand the devastation inflamed by the gender imbalance, and so with this tee, we raise the flag and encourage women and girls to reclaim and activate their voice in the name of social justice and self-respect.

 Each shirt will retail at $65. 

Limited numbers on this exclusive tee.

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This beautiful t-shirt is ethically made with high quality finishes. Its boxy, over-sized style being the ultimate accessory this season… whether you wear it to work or on the dance floor, wear it with pride and start a conversation with those around you, as we never know the silent pain or struggles that one carries or the opportunity for learning that arises with one voice.  

From top to bottom, this t-shirt has been lovingly conceived and produced by a dedicated team of people who believe as we do; that no human being should ever be exploited for profit or pleasure.

Instead, lets change the conversation, empowering current and future generations to proudly raise their voice.

Yeojin Bae, Australian Designer

Yeojin Bae, Australian Designer

PROJECT FUTURES FEMINIST | Exclusively designed

PROJECT FUTURES FEMINIST | Exclusively designed


This t-shirt aligns perfectly with the work of award-winning designer Yeojin Bae. Yeojin sees the empowerment of women as the core of her creative process. The Australian designer has dressed the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Rose Byrne.  Yeojin has a cult following for her pieces which are created for feminine elegance and joy.

“I’m thrilled to be collaborating with PROJECT FUTURES and bring awareness to women and children who are vulnerable to trafficking, and support all means to provide them with safety, education and training. By purchasing this T shirt, you can lend your support to the ongoing work required to end exploitation and slavery” - Yeojin Bae.

Empowering every woman to reclaim her voice.

Empowering every woman to reclaim her voice.


By purchasing a shirt, you will be helping us to transform the lives of women and children affected by slavery and exploitation in Cambodia.  

Women and young girls the world over are being sold, trafficked, deceived, coerced or forced into sexual servitude and exploited on a daily basis. Our mission is to bring hope to such victims and empower, support and nurture their recovery via vital and holistic programs delivered by our impact partner AFESIP, Cambodia.

PROJECT FUTURES partners with established projects working to prevent, support and empower victims, survivors and those at-risk of sexual slavery and exploitation. With partnerships spanning a decade, we have seen individuals recover and reclaim their lives but also repairing families and communities damaged in the wake of trafficking.

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CONTRIBUTIONS to the project

We would like to sincerely thank our partners for supporting this project, including those services and people who have volunteered their time to help us to promote the t-shirt.