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About the Project

In collaboration with Steven Khalil, PROJECT FUTURES is launching an exclusively designed tee to raise awareness of crimes that deprive women and children of their freedom and dignity in Australia and abroad.

As an organisation committed to the fair treatment of workers, how this shirt was made was just as important as the quality of the finished product. For this reason, we teamed up with Citizen Wolf to take Steven’s vision and turn it into a high quality, ethically made organic tee that you will be able to wear with pride.


Our ability to track our supplier footprint was a critical part of the journey.

The cotton used to produce each shirt was organically grown in India and knitted in Melbourne. The tee was designed, cut, sewn and screen printed in Sydney with organically certified water-based inks.

From top to bottom, this shirt has been lovingly conceived and produced by a dedicated team of people who believe as we do, that no human being should ever belong to another, nor should they ever be exploited for profit or pleasure.

Each shirt will retail at $99.  FREE POSTAGE on all regular and express deliveries from Friday 17 November - 22 December 2017.

Steven Khalil, Australian Designer

Steven Khalil, Australian Designer

Co-Founders: Zoltan Csaki and Eric Phu

Co-Founders: Zoltan Csaki and Eric Phu


Steven Khalil is recognised as one of Australia’s leading designers specialising in red carpet and bridal gowns. His designs are renowned for their elegance and beauty, combining classical elements of bygone eras with a contemporary edge.

Steven has dressed some of the world’s most beautiful women in the world, including Ariel Winter, Taraji P Henson, Kylie Jenner and Paula Abdul , but this will be the first time that he has leant his name and talents to a charity design.

We are incredibly grateful for his enthusiasm and support.


Citizen Wolf exists to promote a healthier relationship with the clothes you wear and is built around three core principles:

  • Local is Best

  • Ethical is Mandatory

  • Sustainable is Non-Negotiable

Their vision is to change the global fashion industry by specialising in tailored tees created in your preferred style. By making everything on demand, unsold inventory does not end up in landfill and shirts are built to last; their lifespan counted in years not washes. 

We tend to agree.


By purchasing a shirt, you will be helping us to transform the lives of women and children affected by slavery and exploitation in Australia and Cambodia.  

Women and young girls the world over are being sold, trafficked, deceived, coerced or forced into sexual servitude, a marriage they do not want, worked to exhaustion as a domestic slave or labouring to service a debt they can never realistically pay off.

PROJECT FUTURES partners with established projects working to prevent, support and empower victims, survivors and those at-risk of sexual slavery and exploitation. 

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CONTRIBUTIONS to the project

We would like to sincerely thank our partners for supporting this project, including those services and people who have volunteered their time to help us to promote the t-shirt.

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