Get your running shoes on

Nat and Bec City2Surf

Are you passionate about running (or walking), and want to contribute to raising awareness and funds to end human trafficking? We are currently recruiting passionate people willing to walk, jog or run in the 2015 City2Surf.

If you are not in Melbourne or Sydney but would love to run in an event in your state or country to raise funds for Project Futures, please get in touch and we’ll arrange for a running singlet to be sent to you.

If you have any questions  contact

We organise:

* Registration will be paid for by PROJECT FUTURES
* Each participant will receive a PROJECT FUTURES sports singlet to wear on the day of the challenge
* Each participant will receive a PROJECT FUTURES information kit to assist in their fundraising

You organise:

* To fundraise a minimum of $350 before the race date (tax deductible)

Running to help a cause

Registration information: 

Send the following information to so we can register you!

  1. First name:
  2. Surname:
  3. Address:
  4. Suburb:
  5. Postcode:
  6. Telephone:
  7. Gender:
  8. Date of Birth:
  9. Email Address:
  10. Emergency Contact Name:
  11. Emergency Contact Number:
  12. Any Existing Medical Conditions:
  13. Singlet Size (For PF Team Race Singlet):
  14. Race Start Group Preference:


LATAM Airlines Blue Start Is the first open group with no qualifying time required. People wishing to run the length of the course but have no prior race time are encouraged to enter into this group.


Westpac Yellow Start (For people who aim to run or jog the course). Please see other start times for more serious competitors here and let us know if you want to be part of another group.