International Women’s Day holds special meaning for PROJECT FUTURES.

It was on this day, exactly 9 years ago, that we first met Somaly Mam; a victim of sex trafficking and human rights activist who has not only inspired millions, but most importantly cared for over 7,000 women and children who have become victims of sexual slavery and violence in Cambodia.

Following a gruelling 500km ride across Cambodia, we presented a cheque to Somaly Mam at the Australian Embassy in Cambodia on behalf of 21 young people who collectively raised $75,000 USD to support her service. It also marked the start of one of our most popular fundraising activities to this day.

Since that time almost $1.5 million has been donated to AFESIP Cambodia.

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In March 2018, PROJECT FUTURES will invite Somaly Mam and fellow survivor and social worker Sina Vann to Australia to share the next chapter of their lives, their hope for AFESIP and to provide a platform to reflect on their experiences with a new generation of supporters.

Alongside our own list of events that you can attend, we are also inviting businesses, school groups and universities to request a speaker for their own initiatives happening over this period.

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Human Rights Activist & Survivor

Sold at the age of 12, Somaly was forced to work in a brothel alongside other children for nearly a decade where she was brutally tortured and raped on a daily basis. After escaping the industry with the help of a foreigner, she has dedicated her life's work to supporting victims by providing a safe space to start the healing process.



Survivor and Agent for Change

Trafficked from Vietnam to Cambodia at a young age, Sina was sold to a brothel where she was forced to service up to 20-30 clients a day and survive unthinkable torture. Sina is a living reminder of how important services like AFESIP are, having been supported, educated and now employed as an outreach worker since 1998.


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Our ability to continue supporting organisations like AFESIP is dependent on our ability to raise funds. For this reason, there will be a fee to be negotiated at time of booking to secure the rights for Somaly or Sina to attend your event, workplace or school.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact clare@projectfutures.com or 0401 946 310