400 kms later, and we have reached Phnom Penh. We have met so many amazing women along the way. Women who have had to face realities no individual should ever face. We will never forget them and the sacrifices they make every day just to get by. 

I want to leave you with some final stories. Stories of women who have survived, escaped and now hold their head high. These women are strong and should be celebrated. Their scars and past do not define them and their ability to rise above life's challenges inspired all of us.

Below are pictures of two amazing women who shared their story with us.


This woman was sold and trafficked when she was very young, she does not recall her age, real name, region from which her family reside or the details of her story. She 30-years old and blind in one eye due to a severe beating from a client that refused to pay the 25 cents for her services.

She now has four children, the youngest here, a four year old boy. All her children remain with her and are often in the room in which she services her clients.



This women rents a room, a space to ensure the safely of her children, her ‘office’ and a place to rest her head. Of this she was immensely proud, as it is a lot more then many others can offer their families.

Her room costs $2.50 per day.

At 25 cents per service, she has to service 10 men just to pay for the room or she is locked out. That is before feeding her children.

A devastating reality but still hopeful as she is now free and working independently to support her family... doing the only trade she has ever known. Today she stands proud as she is no longer ‘owned’ by someone. Released due to infection, age and paying her dues.

These are the modern-day Wonder Women.

Every person we have met along the way will have a very important place in all our hearts. I would like to thank Project Futures for all the incredible work they do. I am proud to be apart of their mission and encourage anyone who hungers for justice to do the same.

For those interested in getting involved and organising their very own School Cycle, please contact Clare@projectfutures.com or head to our website www.projectfutures.com.