I alone spend nearly six hours interviewing survivors from the brothels, hoping to capture their stories and share them via an upcoming project.

But as I listen to the raw detail of their experiences over and over again, I find my heart aching and the tears flowing. These abuses, often extending over years, are beyond what any one human being should have to endure. 
Sold by their parents/families/neighbours, trafficked across Thai borders, raped, stitched, beaten, tortured. These once young girls, now women, are the bravest I have met and yet the most humble.

As an incredibly emotional, inspiring and strangely hopeful day comes to an end, I start to wonder how we really create change. And I realise that ‘what we don’t repair we repeat’.

This is why the program works. It’s about connecting, educating and providing a resource to change, repair and restore future generations.

Because quite simply, this cannot continue. Humans have to stop abusing, fighting and hurting each other; they need to try to move forward with a united stance, where every person is seen, heard and respected.

This is not rocket science, in fact it’s pretty damn simple: Keep your hands and thoughts to yourself unless welcome, and only ever use them to empower others – NOT disempower them.


At this point, I sign off on the tour, ready to embark on my second leg in a few days. So watch this space as we take another group on a different type of journey with the same message.

Thanks for all the love folks. I know the reading is not always pleasant, but I hope, overall thought-provoking.

Be kind to each other – you never know what another person has endured.

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