And They're Off!

What a HUGE 48 hours it's been.

Get to know each other, TICK.

Get to know your bike. TICK.

Gathering essentials to tackle 36 degree heat & 80% humidity. TICK.

Unpack the issues of sex trafficking & why we are here. TICK. 

Leave all worries behind and open your heart and mind to new experiences. TICK.


With energies sky high, we were finally ready to hit the road, LITERALLY! We road through the beautiful city of Siem Reap passing through it's tropical jungles and historical city temples all the way through to Angkor Wat - 30 kms. TICK. 


One of the beautiful temples passed on route to Angkor Wat

One of the beautiful temples passed on route to Angkor Wat

It was our first night at Angkor Wat where we shared a special dinner with 30 women who had survived and were able to escape sex trafficking. Emotions ran high as we were able to connect with these women on a personal level, hearing their stories, understanding the horrific experiences that they have endured and how they have overcome it and today stand triumphant. We learnt that many of them were sold as young as the age of 7 and that it takes a girl 8-years to recover from the circumstances of sex trafficking.

It was amazing to see the incredible and life-changing works of the AFESIP program (funded by PROJECT FUTURES) and to see that today these girls stand tall and proud. They are financially independent, identify with the strength of a survivor and no longer accept the title of victim. These girls are changing so many lives of future generations and advocating for change.

After such an emotional and powerful night, it was incredible to see the impact we can have when we work together. AFESIP was ignited though an individual who wanted to break the cycle and now has helped thousands of women and children throughout Cambodia. Suddenly the seeminly small impact of a group of 11 didn't seem so small - we were determind break this cycle. 

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