PROJECT FUTURES has supported AFESIP Cambodia (AFESIP) since 2009; an organisation based on the vision and life’s work of Cambodian survivor and activist, Somaly Mam. 

AFESIP seeks to combat both the impact and the enablers of sex trafficking, slavery and exploitation of young women and girls through outreach services, recovery programs, training and education, as well as the economic empowerment and reintegration of survivors.

AFESIP is our longest standing Impact Partner.  



Supported since 2015, Cambodian Children's Trust (CCT)  is a community development organisation in Battambang, Cambodia that operates a holistic range of services that prevent vulnerable children and their families from being exploited, subjected to forced labour, begging or being trafficked into orphanages. 

From education, to social support, healthcare, cultural activities, nutrition and community outreach, CCT offers support to over 400 people through community youth centres and advocates strongly for family-based care.

CCT meet our goals of providing best-practice solutions that work to prevent the exploitation of children by addressing their basic needs, ensuring they receive a quality education and preventing them from being trafficked into orphanages or across borders. Migration in cities like Battambang is significant as it is so close to the border with Thailand.

PROJECT FUTURES is committed to supporting organisations in delivering meaningful services which align with our mission and values. 2017 will see PROJECT FUTURES support the work of CCT in the area of prevention and early childhood services and developments.