THE salvation army's trafficking AND SLAVERY SAFE HOUSE

This safe house is the only one of its kind in Australia and provides supported accommodation for women who have been identified as victims of trafficking/modern day slavery. The safe house offers crisis and long term assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Casework is holistic and comprehensive, including; financial assistance, access to legal services, medical and mental health services, employment services, social support, personal development, recreational activities and living skills. 

The Freedom advocates project

The Freedom Advocates Project is led by people who have survived human trafficking and/or slavery-like practices. It offers participants’ validation of their experience, empowers them to speak out to government bodies and to the wider community, and reaffirms their worth as a wholly unique and powerful human being.

 The goals of the Freedom Advocates are to:

  • Improve the response to trafficking and slavery in Australia by considering the experience of people who have survived;
  • Enhance the effectiveness of advocacy in the field by survivors using their experiences in a constructive and useful way;
  • Engage the Australian community with the issue of human trafficking and exploitation via community connections 


Margaret has been advocating for the rights of people who have experienced human trafficking, slavery and slavery like practices for more than four years due to her own experience of modern slavery as a domestic worker. Margaret has engaged with communities and the Australian Government to advance the rights of domestic workers and people who have experienced modern slavery in Australia. Margaret holds a Certificate 3 in Aged Care and a Diploma of Community Services.    


Sandra has been advocating for the rights of people in slavery for more than three years. Sandra came to Australia as a domestic worker and found herself in slavery in Western Sydney. Having found freedom, Sandra knows first-hand the courage and bravery it takes to reach out for help and through her work as an advocate, encourages others in similar situations to speak out. Sandra has worked with the community and government to raise awareness and increase support to victims in Australia. Sandra is trained as an assistant in nursing and works full time in Aged Care.


Child Wise has programs that reduce incidence and impact of child abuse and exploitation in Australia. For the last two years we have supported the National Child Abuse Prevention Helpline; a toll free number that provides Australians with access to expert advice from trained counsellors and offers a platform to speak up about child abuse. 

Research provided by Australian Institute of Family Studies estimates that one in four girls and one in seven boys are sexually abused in Australia. Abuse has serious and long-term physical and psychological effects on children. For this reason, PROJECT FUTURES is supporting a new program in 2016 that will help reduce the vulnerabilities in children that offenders seek to exploit.


The Child Wise Protective Behaviours Personal Safety Program promotes empowerment strategies, clear communication and awareness of ‘safe’ behaviours for school-aged children in order to prevent them from becoming victims of abuse, particularly sexual abuse. Child Wise implement the program in public schools across Victoria, with a particular focus on targeting disadvantaged schools with culturally and linguistically diverse and indigenous students, as well as rural and regional public schools.

The program will help children to:

  • Identify ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ touch and feelings
  • Understand their rights – the right to feel safe and say no to things that make them feel sad or scared
  • Know the difference between secrets and surprises
  • Feel confident about speaking up if anything happens to them
  • Identify a ‘safety network’ of people that they can turn to

To deliver this program in a manner that ensures ongoing sustainability, a ‘train-the-trainer’ approach has been taken. Child Wise deliver the program to teachers who will then conduct Protective Behaviour sessions and activities with their students in the classroom for years to come.